About us


Accounting Solutions for Charities provides accounting, financial management and company secretarial support to the UK voluntary sector.


Our aim is to take the stress out of finance, allowing you to get on with the day to day business of running your charity.


Has your organization grown to the stage where it needs regular financial information but cannot afford to employ full time specialist staff to produce it? ASC can provide Finance Director-level input without the associated salary costs.


Or are you looking for a little extra resource for a short period of time?


We can help you with a wide range of services including complete management of the finance function.


Our involvement can be ongoing or for a short period when you need a little extra help. It might last for a few hours or several months. Our support can be on a fixed fee basis or for an hourly rate.


It all depends on what you want. Whatever your needs call us now to see if we can help you.